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Over 2000 products to

provide our customers everywhere
Canada and the United States.

Our history

For 12 years, we have been providing the best Latin and African products for Canadian families.

Traditional products that are part of the customs and flavors of our countries. We offer a wide variety of imported quality products for your restaurant or business.

Last Addition

A wide selection of quality products

Aloe Shine Muscat Sparkling
Aloe Ponche De Frutas- Fruit Punch
Jupiña 2 L
Diet Jupina
Frescolita 2L
Goodo Kola Champagne
Diet Jupiña
Diet Materva
Pindi Chocolate - Pindi Chocolate
Dole: Pineapple Tibits
Dole: Pineapple Pizza Cut Bits
Dole Premium: Pineapple juice
Dole Premium: Pineapple Juice
Dole: Crush Pineapple
Dole: Pineapple tibit

Our Brands

Importers and representatives of leading brands