Laundry products for laundry care: 3 tips for everyone to know

Laundry is one of those household chores that can be a bit overwhelming for some people, mainly when you are a beginner or don’t have too much time to dedicate to this task. Fortunately, there are some tricks or tips related to the use of laundry products that can make the process easier and help you not only keep your clothes clean, but also keep them looking their best. 

Precisely in this sense, one of the things that most overwhelms us at the time of doing the laundry is the issue of laundry products. We do not always know what to choose in the cleaning aisle and getting carried away by flashy slogans without taking into account the information on the label of each product could even alter the composition of the garments during washing or deteriorate them to the point of making them unusable. 

No one wants to lose their favorite jacket because of carelessness! For this reason and also because we know you love to keep your clothes clean and fresh, in the following paragraphs we present you some of our best laundry tips and tricks related to the use of products. 

Let ‘s get started! 

Choosing the right laundry products

Has it ever happened to you that while walking down the laundry aisle at the supermarket, you see so many options that you just don’t know which one to choose? While it may seem like shopping for the best detergent, fabric softener or stain remover is the simplest thing in the world, the reality is that there’s a trick to doing it.

What should we take into account when choosing these products? 

1. How do I know which detergent to choose?


There are several types of detergents available, such as powder, liquid and tablets. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to identify your needs and purchase your preferred format accordingly. 

However, this is not the only thing you should pay attention to. Before choosing a particular detergent, consider the following: 

  • Formulation: Look for detergents formulated for the type of fabrics you will be washing. For example, if you have a lot of delicate fabrics, look for a detergent formulated for delicate fabrics such as Vel Rosita laundry shampoo. If you want to preserve the purity of your white garments, use a detergent focused on the care of white fabrics. 

This will not only allow you to get clean clothes, but also to get them looking like new. However, if you want to use only one type of detergent, but with exceptional results, a laundry product that cannot be missing in your cleaning area is the incredible Blanca Nieves liquid detergent. It is ideal for washing fabrics ranging from wool and cotton to synthetic fabrics. 

  • Ingredients: Look for laundry products that do not contain harsh chemical ingredients and are environmentally friendly as much as possible. 

Look for certifications such as Health Canada or the eco-label to ensure that the detergent is environmentally friendly. Blanca Nieves liquid detergent is known to be biodegradable and phosphate-free, making it an effective and safe choice. 

2. Why should everyone use fabric softener?

Using a fabric softener is not as such a mandatory step in laundry products. However, the use of this product at the end of the wash cycle can offer at least three major benefits: 

  1. Reduces static electricity in clothing: Using fabric softener reduces static electricity in clothing, which means that socks stick less to the leg and sweaters become less tangled with other articles of clothing. 
  1. Get softer, fluffier clothes: Fabric softener helps soften fabric, making it softer and fluffier to the touch. This can make clothes more comfortable to wear – no more rough clothes! Products like Suavitel Cuidado Superior fabric conditioner will help keep your garments soft and in excellent condition longer. 
  1. Give your clothes complete care: While the main functions of this laundry product is to add scent and soften fabrics, every day many brands are making a big bet on achieving dry cleaning results from home. Suavitel Complete fabric conditioner is perfect for this purpose. 

This product for fabrics not only provides freshness and softness, but also its exclusive formula reduces water consumption, reduces ironing time and keeps the colors of the clothes bright for longer. 

3. Treatment and care of clothes before and after each wash is 50% of the work.


Laundry care is not a task that should be left solely and exclusively to laundry products. Of course we can use a product according to each need, but it is also important to avoid overexposure to the sun or to reduce the use of anti-stain formulas such as bleach that gradually deteriorate the quality of the garment, reducing its useful life. 

For this reason it is important that you pay special attention to how you treat your clothes before and after each wash. Actions as simple as using a suitable rack or avoiding places where there is dust accumulation or even dividing clothes by color, type of fabric or composition can make a difference.  

Note: To separate clothes before washing, you can sort them by color (white, light, dark), by type of fabric (cotton, wool, silk) and by level of soiling (lightly soiled, heavily soiled).

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