These Are The 7 Mexican Candies You Should Try Right Now

Mexican Candies

Mexican candies are known for their originality, flavor and texture. These candies are mostly made from peanuts and other nuts, in addition to dehydrated fruits often coated with sugar or flavored caramel, with a sour or spicy finish.  

In addition to peanuts, Mexican candies also contain other ingredients, such as sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. As they are considered a traditional part of Mexican gastronomy, they can be found in practically every corner of the country, mainly in local markets. 

As a result of this popularity, many Mexican candy brands such as “De la Rosa”, “Dulces Vero” or “Colombina”, have won the hearts of consumers. However, thanks to their incomparable flavor, the taste for Mexican candies has expanded beyond borders. 

Capital Food Services is in charge of bringing the delicious taste of Mexican sweets to Canadian homes. So, if you want to try them for the first time or simply enjoy their incomparable taste again, we have prepared this list of seven Mexican sweets that you must try right now. 

Let ‘s get started! 

1. Vero Mango

Vero Mango is considered one of the best Mexican candies and undoubtedly one of the brand’s most popular products. It is a solid mango-flavored candy coated with a delicious layer of spicy chili powder. 

The package contains 40 units of 16gr each. Buy them here, we are sure you will love them. 

2. Jarritos

Also from the Vero brand we find the delicious Tarritos, which are nothing more than solid candy sticks with fruit flavor. The particularity of this candy and what makes it one of the most delicious, is that the upper part of the candy has an effervescent part, which, when in contact with your tongue, will give you an exquisite explosion of flavor.

You can purchase the 16gr here. presentation, with a total of 40 units per package. 

3. Mazapán


De la Rosa Mazapán is a classic peanut-based candy sold throughout Mexico. These candies are small and crumbly, but full of the undeniable Mexican flavor. They weigh approximately one ounce and at Capital Food Services you can buy a box of 30 units

As an additional fact, this Mexican candy is often used to make delicious preparations such as desserts and atoles. Try them also in their chocolate-covered version

4. Duvalin

Ricolino’s Duvalín is a Mexican candy made of an exquisite spreadable cream, which can be found in three main flavors: vanilla/hazelnut, strawberry/hazelnut and strawberry/chocolate. 

It is undoubtedly one of the most beloved Mexican candies and also one of the most sought after internationally. Each one of its varieties is sold in a box of 18 units, 9.5 oz  each. 

5. Paleta Payaso


Paleta Payaso is a classic Mexican candy. It is a fun candy enjoyed by children and adults alike. It consists of a marshmallow that has a circular shape, with sugary gummies that form a smiley face.

Paleta Payaso is a Mexican candy perfect for parties and celebrations of all kinds. Its light flavor is sure to satisfy the most demanding palates, and its vibrant colors make it a great choice for all ages. It’s fun mascot, a clown, is what gives this fun Mexican candy its identity.

6. Bubulubu

Another children’s party favorite is Bubulubu. This delicious Mexican candy has a thin layer of marshmallow and another of strawberry jelly, covered by a delicious layer of chocolate. The three flavors together form an exquisite combination that you don’t want to miss. 

Find in our online store the pack of 24 units and enjoy the incredible flavor that it offers.

7. Rellerindo

To close with a flourish, we have the Rellerindos. This is a solid candy with a tangy tamarind flavor, capable of delighting all palates. Its interior filling is slightly spicy, so if you are one of those who like such flavors, we are sure it will become one of your favorites. Find it here in its 65-piece bag presentation. 

Enjoy the taste of the best mexican candies in Canada 

Now that you know our selection of the best Mexican candies, what are you waiting for to try them? Place your order right now! Visit us!