Top 5 most popular drinks in Latin America in 2023

An excellent way to demonstrate Latin America’s cultural variety is through its multiple culinary expressions

As diverse as their people, to a greater or lesser extent, many of these foods, preparations and beverages have achieved the coveted prestige of permanence. 

Some remain within the collective imagination of communities, but others spread and become popular to the point of becoming commercial.Whenever a brand launches a new product, one of its main desires is undoubtedly to remain in the minds of consumers. 

Soft drinks are no exception to the rule and although the reality is that the industry is expanding by leaps and bounds over the years, there are few names that we all recognize and keep in our memories. 

Capital Food Services gives you the opportunity to taste these flavors for the first time or to rediscover them after living abroad for a long time, offering you a select range of products mostly popular in the central and southern region of the continent. 

This time it’s the turn of beverages, which is why we want to present you with a top 5 of the most popular drinks in Latin America for 2023. 

1. Concentrated beverages “El gallito”

Concentrated beverages El gallito

Concentrated beverages offer us a wide range of possibilities to be used. The “El gallito” concentrated beverages are so early on this list, as they offer us at least three of the most popular drinks in the world

Do the names jamaica, horchata and tamarindo sound familiar? If you have ever traveled to Mexico or the central part of the American continent, you will agree with us that these three beverages are the favorite accompaniments to many traditional foods: 

  • Agua de horchata: is a drink made from rice, spices and sugar. It is usually served cold and can be found in many places in Central America and Mexico.
  • Agua de jamaica: is a drink made from hibiscus flowers, which are boiled and left to steep before being filtered and mixed with water and sugar. It is very refreshing and is usually served cold.
  • Agua de Tamarindo: is a drink made from tamarind, which is prepared with water and sugar until it forms a kind of syrup. It is usually served cold and is very popular in Mexico and Central America.

2. Jarritos

Jarritos is a Mexican soft drink brand that has become very popular in several Latin American countries and is considered one of the most popular drinks Latin American abroad. The brand offers a wide variety of flavors, including lemon, tamarind, pineapple, guava, tangerine and many others. 

Jarritos soft drinks are sold in small glass jars and are usually served cold. They are very popular in Mexico and have become popular in other countries in the region and in some parts of the United States.

In addition to the traditional beverages, there is also the so-called Sangría Señorial, a non-alcoholic drink made from grapes, lemon and sugar cane, which has also gained notoriety. 

3. Inka Kola

Inka Kola is another of the most popular drinks in the world. It is part of a very popular soft drink brand in Peru and in some Latin American countries. Inka Kola soft drink is a light yellow carbonated beverage with a chewing gum flavor, which is made from various ingredients, but the base of the mixture is lemon verbena

Inka Kola is said to have a unique and distinctive flavor that makes it very popular among Peruvian consumers. In addition to its unique flavor, another reason why Inka Kola is so popular is because it has managed to position itself as one of the best popular drinks in Peruvian culture. 

4. Tropi Champan

Tropi Champan

Another of the most popular drinks in Latin America is known as Tropi Champan. This is a drink of Salvadoran origin that is characterized by an exquisite fruity aroma and a striking bright orange hue.  

The hue of this Latin American drink can be misleading, as drinks with this color usually have an orange or tangerine citrus finish in their composition. However, Tropi Champagne has a very characteristic sweetness, which is mainly due to two things. 

The first, its main ingredient is the mamey, a tropical fruit native to Central America and Mexico, which is characterized by its sweet flavor, a favorite of many to eat fresh, to make various preparations such as sauces or salads or as in this case, to become the raw material for various beverages. The second, the characteristic flavor of the cane, comes to this preparation thanks to the sugar. 

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5. El Rancho Drinks

Bebidas El Rancho offers an extensive selection of tropical flavors from the Central and South American region of the continent. These are some of the most popular Latin American, given their variety of flavors. 

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