Popular Snacks Available at Capital Food Services

Hello to all lovers of Latin flavors and delicious snacks. Did you know that Capital Food Services is your go-to place for popular snacks that will not only satisfy your hunger but also transport you to the tastiest corners of Latin America? That’s right!

In the rich and varied gastronomy of Latin America, the ingredients for making popular snacks are as diverse as the cultures themselves. Corn, plantains, yucca, and potatoes are often the basis for many treats, to which distinctive spices like chili, garlic, and cumin are added. We must remember the influence of cheese in various forms, from strips to melted, which adds a layer of flavor and texture to many snacks.

Legumes, like beans, also have their place in this mix, offering more substantial options. And, of course, meat also makes its presence known in the form of pork rinds or as part of spicy fillings. These ingredients not only give flavor to popular snacks but also capture the essence and diversity of Latin American culinary traditions.

The Latin Snacks from Capital Food Services

The Latin Snacks

Snacks play a fundamental role, serving as a social bridge and a source of comfort and energy. The popular snacks we showcase here are catalysts for emotions and experiences, both in the workplace and during leisure moments.

Eating the same popcorn and nachos at the cinema is not always appealing, nor the same gummies and chips in the office. Varying the snack menu is essential for maintaining interest among both customers and employees in environments like offices, cinemas, or restaurants. Trying the new flavors from BocaDeli and El Rancherito available at Capital Food Services is an excellent way to introduce variety and a touch of Latin authenticity that will attract a broad range of palates.

Moreover, innovation in snacks, and not just any snacks but popular snacks in Latin American culture, not only adds variety and creates anticipation for the menu but also allows for discovering combinations of flavors and textures that could become everyone’s new favorites.

So, if you’re looking to diversify your snack menu, here’s a list of popular snacks that will tantalize your taste buds:

Bocadeli Platanix Wild & Crunchy

Perfect for lovers of movie snacks or the best office snacks, these are crispy, tasty, and offer the authentic flavor of plantains. Say goodbye to boredom in the next meeting or movie!

For any setting, these banana chips become an integral part of the experience of sharing while watching a movie, as well as expanding the snack menu. They are much more than just food.

Purchase here as many 150g bags as you’d like, whether to try or to save for the week. You can also acquire the spicy version here, flavored with lemon, chili, and salt.

Bocadeli Buenachos Chile y Limón Xtreme

Are you one of those who love spicy snacks? This is one of those popular snacks that will set your taste buds on fire. Triangular tortilla chips with a touch of chili and lime that will have you coming back for more. They offer a gastronomic experience that combines authenticity and flavor.

Try them by purchasing yours here.

Gustitos Superchurro y Superchurro Picantillo

Who said churros are only for fairs and carnivals? These “churros” are actually made from corn. These popular snacks all over Latin America are ideal for any occasion, even if you’re thinking about the best office snacks. Their 20g or 70g version will convince you of their delicious flavor.

The Gustitos Superchurro Picantillo, also available in 20g or 70g, is another of the spicy snacks that won’t disappoint you.

Gustitos Salsa y Queso

For lovers of more traditional flavors, these popular snacks are a delight you won’t be able to resist. Imagine these treats at your next event or simply as another option on the menu of your restaurant or business.

Get yours at our online store.

QuesiTrix with Chili

If you’ve loved the popular snacks we’ve already mentioned, these are special because they have a touch of spice but don’t lose the essence of cheese flavor. QuesiTrix with Chili is the perfect combination of spicy snacks, ideal for bringing life to any moment.

Enjoy QuesiTrix with Chili in 25g or 145g sizes.

Frijoli Chips

A classic among snacks from Hispanic brands. The flavor is robust but not overwhelming, making these chips incredibly versatile: they are equally delicious on their own or as a vehicle for sauces and dips. BocaDeli’s Frijoli Chips elevate the snacking experience to a new level of satisfaction.

Get a taste and witness their authenticity. Purchase yours now.

Chicharrones El Rancherito

Speaking of chicharrones chips, El Rancherito offers the definition of authenticity and flavor. Perfect for those moments when you need a snack with substance—Mexico captured in a bag.

Look to try the experience today in 227g, 170g, or 85g sizes.

Savor the Popular Snacks of Latin America

The Popular Snacks of Latin America

Have we whetted your appetite? Now you’ve discovered that the best office snacks do more than just satisfy hunger. During long workdays, they can also motivate. The popular snacks from the brands BocaDeli and El Rancherito can transform a tense work environment into a more relaxed and collaborative space, diversifying the flavor menu.

Incorporating new options is more than a whim; it’s a smart strategy to maintain interest and meet the demand for high-quality and deliciously different choices for everyone.

Don’t wait any longer, the popular snacks you’ve been searching for are just a click away. The best brands at Capital Food Services. Place your order now!

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