4 frozen delicacies of salvadoran food

frozen delicacies of salvadoran food

Has it ever happened to you that after spending some time abroad you inevitably begin to miss the culinary delights of your country? That usual feeling of homesickness is more common than you think and being aware of this need, many brands have dedicated themselves to bring here some of the most exquisite foods from the central and southern part of the continent.  

Capital Food Services, for example, is known for bringing to thousands of Québec households not only imported staples, but also some of the most emblematic flavors of Latin American cuisine. 

This is characterized by the versatility to prepare the various products obtained from the crop, especially tubers, vegetables and plants of various kinds, which, at the time of preparation, acquire incomparable flavors thanks to the indisputable seasoning of each nation. 

Latin American gastronomy is famous for the indisputable flavor of its food products. However, the great favorites are Peruvian, Venezuelan, Cuban, Mexican and, of course, Salvadoran food.

What is Salvadoran cuisine?

Salvadoran cuisine is characterized by preserving the culinary tradition of their ancestors, which is why the basis of the food continues to be corn. 

Since it is difficult to obtain certain ingredients abroad, brands such as Mamá Nelly Food Frozen are dedicated to importing and distributing the most delicious dishes from different Latin American countries. Of course, Salvadoran food is no exception.  

Knowing this, no matter if you are a Salvadoran living abroad or just want to taste the exquisite flavors of traditional Salvadoran cuisine, we invite you to know some of the dishes that you can get in our online store. 

Let ‘s get started. 

1. Pupusas


Pupusas are undoubtedly the most popular dish in Salvadoran food. Its recipe is quite simple to prepare, but few are able to achieve in essence the true flavor of the “Little Thumb of America“. 

It is a more or less thick corn tortilla, which is usually filled with various ingredients, the most common being refried beans and cheese. However, the ingredients that can be incorporated in this recipe are practically infinite, since we can find other versions that also incorporate vegetables, meats and even seafood. 

In addition to the traditional version of this dish, Mamá Nelly Food also offers you these other versions of this exquisite Salvadoran dish

2. Tamales de chipilín con queso

Another of the most delicious recipes of Salvadoran food are the chipilín tamales. These are made from a dough seasoned with various spices, but what gives the exquisite flavor to the preparation are the chipilin leaves. 

It is a very popular plant in the Central American region, known for its use in various food and medicinal preparations, thanks to its high content of iron, calcium and magnesium.

If you want to enjoy this exquisite dish, we invite you to try Mamá Nelly Food’s delicious chipilín tamales with cheese, which you can purchase by clicking here. 

3. Riguas de elote

In El Salvador, riguas are especially popular during the corn harvest period. They are made from sweet corn dough flavored with sugar, salt and margarine, which is spread on banana leaves cut into small squares, which are then cooked on a comal fire. 

Mamá Nelly Food offers two versions of this Salvadoran delicacy: riguas de elote and riguas de elote with beans. As this is a frozen version, you only need to heat them and serve them with cheese or sour cream. 

A real treat!

4. Tamales de elote

Tamales de elote

Finally, tamales de elote have a preparation quite similar to that of riguas de elote. The only difference is that the dough is placed in the same corn husk, commonly known as tusa. They are cooked in water and when they are ready, they are served with fresh cheese or sour cream. 

For lovers of this Salvadoran delicacy, Mamá Nelly Food offers both tamales de elote in its traditional presentation or comaleados (toasted). Likewise, if you have never tried this exquisite Salvadoran food, this is your moment.

The best of Salvadoran food thanks to Mamá Nelly Food

We’re sure you’ve worked up an appetite thanks to all these delicious treats! Don’t get the munchies and try each of these recipes right now. 

Whether you are a connoisseur, or if this is your first time trying the delicious flavors of the Central American region, we are sure you will love them. 

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